Bird Banding & Molt Analysis


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O VII curso Bird Banding and Molt Analysis (VII BBMA) ocorrerá no Centro de Pesquisas e Conservação da Natureza Pró-Mata, distante 150 km da cidade de Porto Alegre. O Pró-Mata é uma área de conservação ambiental da PUCRS localizada em São Francisco de Paula, na serra gaúcha, região de abrangência da Mata Atlântica com o predomínio da Floresta de Araucária (  


O curso é uma iniciativa da Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) com o apoio de Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia (SBO), Costa Rica Bird Observatories, Corbidi, PUCRS e OAMa. 


O curso é coordenado pelo Prof. Gonçalo Ferraz (UFRGS).


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About the course


The seventh Bird Banding and Molt Analysis course (VII BBMA) will take place at the Pró-Mata research forest, 150 km from the city of Porto Alegre, on the southern end of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The initiative is sponsored by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), with support from the Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia (SBO), Costa Rica Bird Observatories, Corbidi, OAMa and PUCRS .  Motivated by the growing number of bird banders in Brazil and by the contribution of molt-based aging systems for improving banding data quality, we aim to 1) promote the best possible command of basic banding skills while analyzing molt cycles and ageing of forest understory birds in the Atlantic Forest region; and 2) contribute to the formation of open-minded, field-tested, professional banders that will apply their skills here or anywhere else in the world.


The course syllabus is geared towards active bird banders, but we welcome applicants from any background, country, and level of expertise. Banding instructors Pablo Elizondo (Costa Rica Bird Observatories), Diego Garcia (Corbidi-Peru), Marcio Reppening (FURG), Pedro Martins (OAMa), and Luiza Figueira (OAMa) have jointly banded more than 80,000 birds and have in-depth experience of molt analysis. They have  extensive knowledge of the South American avifauna and will work with a team of local and guest ornithologists assisted by Gonçalo Ferraz. BBMA courses are trilingual, with classes taught in Spanish, English and Portuguese; nonetheless, the content is accessible to anyone who can communicate in at least one of the three languages.


Individual food, transportation and accommodation costs will amount to R$1800 or U$450,00, payable to SBO before the beginning of the course. This amount will cover the totality of participant expenses for the duration of the course, except for the first day’s lunch. Application is free and we will have financial support for applicants selected on the basis of their merit and access to funds. Please do go ahead and apply even if you can’t afford to pay. If that is the case, state in your application letter that you need financial support. The course will enroll 20 students.


TO APPLY: Send a CV and short letter (in Portuguese, English, or Spanish) describing former banding experience and explaining why this course is relevant to you. If you need financial support, please indicate so in your letter. Send materials to UFRGS Population Biology Laboratory at  To help us sort out the correspondence, please write “Bird Banding Course” in your email subject. We will review applications promptly and get back to you. If you have any questions, please write to Gonçalo Ferraz at or Luiza Figueira at We look forward to meeting you in the field!